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Hi Supporters, Colleagues, Friends and Community Activists; I’m Gregory Mikell, Administrator of the CHANGE.ORG PETITION FOR SAG-AFTRA FOR DIRECT-DEPOSIT.  You guys are rockin' the signatures. SO don't stop... Continue Sharing and supporting by Posting our petition among your local and extended social-media networks. Remember being a Screen Actor Guild member is not a prerequisite for helping to Restore pride- membership within our guild.

We’re not only calling on our sister stage union, the Actors Equity Association, but IATSE, (WGA) the Writer’s Guild of America, (DGA) the Directors Guild of America, the ACLU and any other labor union that may need our support down the road.

The idea for a petition such as this, began less than 2 months ago during a conversation I and other SAG-AFTRA members had while on set.  I was asked to step-up and agreed to be the spokesperson for this campaign not only for myself but for all SAG-AFTRA members. SAG/AFTRA Members deserve the same rights as the rest of Corporate America to be paid on time so that we can pay our mortgages, plan for our children’s futures, be able to qualify for our pension and health benefits and not have our credit ratings dropped.

Do you realize that while SAG-AFTRA members contribute millions of dollars annually to America’s economy, many active and Financial Core members do not see their paychecks for weeks or months?  In fact, many actors loose thousands of dollars annually for neglected payments of principal contracts, royalties, late fees and penalties that would otherwise be applied toward qualifying for their benefits.

We surpassed 100 signatures for this important petition within weeks of our first online request for support.. Now,
Just weeks later we are approaching 200 signatures.
This as a result of supporter’s diligence and willingness to unite as one common voice by supporting our campaign you’re giving voice to helping others.

Now just 3 weeks later we are quickly approaching 200 signatures.  This major turn out of support has only been achievable due to union member’s diligence along with numerous other community supports choosing not to think only as an individual but as a group of concerned citizens.
If you haven’t already, in the coming days you’ll receive your SAG-AFTRA election ballot. Its more important than ever that you take the time to read the nominees bios and reflect on issues such as our campaign when voting for the next term leadership.

Please continue to visit our page and leave your comments and input as you check for weekly status updates and follow our progress as we move closer to instituting DIRECT - DEPOSIT.
One of many benefits of this initiative is finally implementing the Residuals Tracking system that was promised during the merger campaign 3 years ago.

I'm touched by some of your Shared comments and experiences on the campaign page, which really resonates throughout our community.

Your comments only strengthens the resolve to inform our union leadership of how important our campaign is to the membership and why keeping the integrity of Americas unions is essential.

I've recently posted a sample video in the YouTube campaign playlist feed as an example of other proactive organizations that took the ball and ran with implementing Direct- Deposit for their members and its a great example of how simple, flexible and beneficial it has proven to be for their employees.


I  just signed the petition "SAG-AFTRA: INSTITUTE DIRECT DEPOSIT OPTIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP" and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.
Our goal is to reach 200 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


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