Sunday, December 16, 2018

Re-,Release: Updseed Casting Of Film, "The Baby Games". Monday at 5:00 p.m. new rules have an attitude did we believe to be casting for the upcoming psychological thriller pin by Gregory my caliber claim theatricals for the film t"The Baby Games" On IMDb Pro. P.S. If you submitted for the 1st round of auditions, please do not resubmit. We still have tapes that we're looking at and we are making offers from the 1st round for final callbacks in Manhattan, 2019 Directors Biography: Gregory Mikell: Author of the half-hour, "Old-School" comedy, "Bobby's Story: The Vine", that premiered on Amazon video on demand and 2016, Amazon 2016 Bobby story divined Gregory Mikell C.E.O. Acclaim Theatricals LLC P.O. Box 191 Times Square Station New York  NY 10108 - Explore Gregory's Gregory Mikell's Career & Business Consulting and schedule a free, preliminary consultation through Dec. 31st 2018. Until then send inquiries from the "Contact Us" / "Book Now" Pages. Acclaim Theatricals' Corporate Profile - Gregory's new poetry CD, "The Undiscovered Country: A Compilation of Life" is now available at and Written reviews are greatly appreciated.  - His comedy, television pilot, "Bobby's Story: The ine" is also now available on (DVD) ((VOD Watc

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