Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A day I The Life of Active Travels I Manhatran

So this is how my journey-day begins on Tuesday, Selt. 06, 2016,  the day after the U.S. holiday  Labor Day weekend.

Let me start by saying that I'm absolutely thrilled to have have the opportunity to work on a TV show, specially in this economy. And too support myself in in my chosen field.

I found out last night that I have an 11 a.m. call time, which is fantastic. As opposed to last week when I had  two 15 hour days and a a 5:30 and 6a.m. calltimes:)

My journey:

I caught a taxi from the post office to go to Grand Central to try to avoid being late. I'm having a nice chat for a little bit with a nice Italian gentleman who said that I he'd  been in New York for 20 years and how stressful a life it is as a taxi driver.

I told him about my ex girlfriend who was a professional singer and that she was from Milano,  but performed often in Sardinia open was recently on the Italian version of The Voice.

He was very impressed that she live in Sardinia more than the fact that she made a living as performing artists and told me how nice the place was. He encouraged me to leave New York as soon as possible, which actually I plan on doing; as I make vacation plans for later this month.

He compared the quality of life in Italy 2000 New Yorkers and Health Trust and manic we are and how much we need to see dr. Is for stress I completely agree and told you I was from Florida which was a little less stressful.

As I write this I'm reminded that we get a residual effects from Hurricane Herman I believe the name is which missed Virginia Florida and most of the eastern coast region said it was expected to hit naturally but his floor because we deserve swift kick in the ass and see it

Forgive my digression...

After the Pleasant conversation and civilized ride with the gentleman from Itally which really set the tone for my day, upon arriving at Grand Central station and taking the 7 train, to three Court Square train station  in Long Island City;  there was anothrr gotten of public transportation to be had;

 the G train which is all a  matter of two stops or 10 minutes so it wasn't so far I have taken 3 different Vehicles a taxi and two different trains and walking three quarters of a mile to get to the TV set when in fact all they had to do was to provide transportation from Manhattan which our Union has failed to insist upon them doing and yes you can call this a b**** session but keep in mind that I actually have luggage into so I'm soaking wet and a half more mile to go and walking that's two days journey I hope the rest of it will go smoothly and pleasant

Gregory Mikell

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