Monday, September 26, 2016

Bobby's Story: The Vine - EP 101 PRESS RELEASE- AMAZON PRIME CML_7 18 16

- AMAZON PRIME / JAPAN & U.K. on the way.


Bobby has been ordered by the court system to be evaluated by a court appointed therapist for the next six months before his parole has ended. He will encounter a myriad of diverse characters on his journey aided by Dr.Therapist, which premiered on Amazon as Video On Demand in August 2015, and now is available on DVD, will soon make its way to Amazon Prime, then Japan, India, Spain and many other European markets. 

Add the TV comedy to your Amazon watchlist for Video-On-Deamand as its momentarily offline for reformatting to U.K. standards, however you can purchase the DVD here on Ebay in the meantime.

About the Director:

Gregory Mikell, Director, Writer and Veteran actor of this half-hour social-commentary comedy, recently made his Marvel Studios television debut in a new (US) television Marvel / ABC Studios series greenly to premier in 2017, coincidentally, made his first foray into the Marvel universe when he was directed by Actor/Director Greg Clark, who currently stars in Marvel's "Agents of Shield" as Agent Colson on ABC Studios and the Avengers movie franchise,  Clark directed the comic film, "Choke", starring Sam Rockwell. Truly Six degrees of separation. 

Item Description:

Bobby's Story: The Vine (TV-Pilot)
Episode 101 - "In The Beginning"

In the pilot episode the Director, Gregory Mikell, has included the bonus segment of the Director's Commentary, which includes an interview with cast member, Jonathan Tindle, who portrays Public Defender, Matt Linden, who appears in the final season of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire".

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