Saturday, October 1, 2016

We'd like to congratulate our client, @GregoryMikell, on his well earned @success and @excitement with the upcoming @release of his @poetry @book, "The Undiscovered Country: A Compilation of Life" in both the @US and the @UK on October 21st, 2016 Add the book to your Amazon.watchlist and thanks for your loyal support. The Undiscovered Country: A Compilation of Life  PRESS RELEASE: 10/01/2016 Gregory Mikell's POETRY BOOK RELEASE UPCOMING 10/201/2016 (U.S. & U.K.) Add to your Amazon Watchlist now:) Author's Biography: By: Gregory Mikell Actor, Writer, Director Amazon Video-On-Demand Bobby's Story: The Vine" Ebay: Bobby's Story: The Vine" on DVD available AS OF 09/29/2016 Bobby's Story: The Vine TV (Pilot (2014) Bobby's Story: The Vine Synopsis: AUDIO EXCERPTS READ BY, AUTHOR GREGORY MIKEL FROM HIS COLLECTED POETRY WORKS HERE: UPCOMING AUDIBLES DIGITAL VERSION: OCT 21ST 2016 Item Description: @Author, Gregory Mikell recites ebullient @verses from his @Haiku-like poetry collection of more than fifteen years in the making with rhythms that ebb and flow from joyful to the socio-despotic delve that he depicts in some of the lyrics. The collection has a foreword dedicated to his departed mother before her passing. The book will makes its debut on in hardcopy print as well as CD, then available shortly after in digital download format on as well as Ebay on October 21st, 2016. There will be holiday discount bundle gift pricing coming immediately after the realease

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